Scenics and Macro Photo Gallery

Glenn F. Fiery, Jr.

00_plowedfield 00_sequoia1 00_sequoia2 00_sequoia3 00_southwest1
Plowed field Sequoia solitude Sequoia in winter Sequoia redwoods Soutwest
01_waves1 01_waves2 01_waves3 01_waves4 01_waves5
Waves Wind & Waves Stronger waves Crashing Furious
1_capoppies 1_capoppies1 1_capoppies2 1_capoppies3 1_capoppy1
Poppies White & golden
As far as you
can see
Evening gold Single poppy
1_capoppy2 1_capoppy3 1_capoppy4 1_capoppy5 1_capoppy6
Just opening Still capped Full poppy Close up Yellow poppy
2_orchid1 2_orchid2 2_orchid3 2_orchid4 2_orchid5
Orchid Close up Very close Delicate Another view
2_orchid6 2_pinkorchid1 2_pinkorchid2 3_6petalyellowflower0-a 3_6petalyellowflower1-a
Down the throat Pink orchid Closer Standing tall Star
3_fieldofyellow 3_insideyellowwildflower1 3_insideyellowwildflower2 3_orangewildflower 3_purplewildflower
Yellow to the
Inside the flower Soft All the petals Purple wildflower
3_redcabage 3_redflower 3_redwhiteflower1 3_redyellowgf 3_whiteflower1
Red cabbage Red wildflower Red & white Red & yellow White wildflower
3_whiteflower2 3_yellowfield 3_yellowstaimens 3_yellowstaimens1 3_yellowwildf
White wildflower
Yellow field Yellow staimens Yellow wildflower
Yellow wildflower
3_yellowwildflower 3_yellowwildflowerbuds 3-6petalyellowflower2-a 4_cactus1-a 4_cactus2-a
Bursting staimens Pretty Yellow Looking down Thorns Lotta thorns
4_cactus3-a 4_cactusflower1-a 4_cactusflower2 4_cactusflower3a 4_cactusflower3b
Standing tall Pink cactus flower Cactus blooming Pink cactus flower Staimens of pink
cactus flower
4_cactusflower4a 4_cactusflower4b 4_cactusflower4c 4_cactusflowerbouquet0 4_cactusflowerbouquet1
Yucca flowers Closer view Very close Yellow cactus
4_cactuspod 4_cactusseed1 4_cactusseed2 5_shell1 5_shell2
Cactus flower Cactus seeds Tiny spikes White sea shell Colorful shell
5_shell3 5_shell4 6_bull-a 6_lizard1 6_lizard2
Banded shell Detail coloring Here's looking
at you
Can you find him? Be quiet,
don't move
6_seals 7_cuttysark1 7_cuttysark2 7_cuttysark3 7_stpauls1
What's so funny? The real Cutty Sark errrr which rope
was that?
Storm clouds over
the Cutty Sark
Rear of St. Paul's
7_stpauls2 7_stpauls3      
Memorial to
Capt. Cooke in
St. Paul's
Memorial to
Capt. Duff in
St. Paul's