Glenn F. Fiery, Jr.
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Technical sales support in a technology-related enterprise. Utilize business experience, technical expertise and creativity to develop and maintain a strong client base. Desire to move from self-employment to an established company.

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Wide range of experience in scientific and technical issues including: on-site application software installations/upgrades and support, network design and implementation, web site development, multi-platform system configurations of true real-time fault tolerant multitasking/parallel processors, technical presentations and training, and current A+ Certification.

Hardware Expertise:

Intel Pentium System 3/486/286, Star-bus network, Encore 90 Series (parallel processors and shared memory with UNIX), MultiMax, (Gould) Concept and Series Lines, Harris H-Series, MCX (Masscomp) Series, Concurrent (Perkin-Elmer) 3200 Series Processors; Spectrometers: X-ray Fluorescence, Optical Emissions, ICP.

Software Expertise:

Operating Environments: Microsoft Windows 95/98, MS-DOS, TCP/IP, NetBEUI, UNIX, MPX-32, RT-VOS, P/E OS/32. Languages: HTML, FORTRAN, COBOL, OS, P/E Assembler, DEC Assembler, Basic. Applications: Microsoft Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word; Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop; Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash 5; Lotus 1-2-3, CorelDRAW, WordPerfect.

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Entrepreneur with 9 years of multifaceted small business ownership and management. Strengths include building strong client relationships, creativity, strong communication skills and problem solving in the following areas:

  • Marketing/Sales
  • Product support
  • Network administrator
  • Account management
  • Systems consultant
  • Web site development
  • Developed client training
  • Managed up to 45 personnel


Responsibilities: System Administrator in a Peer-to-Peer network and web site designer. Direct sales to small to medium size retail outlets. Web site development. System consultant.

Accomplishments: Installed a star-bus network running TCP/IP and NetBEUI protocols. Performed Microsoft Windows consulting.

Senior Systems Analyst

Responsibilities: Technical sales support involving hardware and software configurations to satisfy true real-time customer needs. Respond to RFQ's providing technical solutions to specified requirements. Branch Systems Administrator for MIS applications and capital equipment.

Accomplishments: Designed methodology for computer hardware upgrades of 15 multi-platform systems in Range/Telemetry environment to evolve customer to current technologies with minimal application software involvement and downtime. Instrumental in negotiations with the customer by proposing a technology insertion solution to integrate the newest computer with older existing computers for man-in-the-loop aircraft simulators.

Result: Extremely satisfied customer, avoided costly and time consuming software rehosting to a new platform, used latest technology for the new functionality, obtained a purchase order for two systems totalling $250k.

Senior Systems Analyst

Responsibilities: Pre-sales support with extensive customer interaction to design systems (hardware/software) to meet customer requirements. Respond to RFQ's providing technical solutions to specified requirements. Configured both the hardware and the operating system to satisfy specific benchmark criteria. Worked extensively with optimizing compilers and parallel (multi) processors.

Accomplishments: Professional responses to RFQ's and technical presentations resulting in sales over $1,000,000.

Lead Field Analyst

Responsibilities: Pre and post sales customer support involving software installations and designing (hardware/software) systems to satisfy customer needs.

Senior Systems Analyst

Responsibilities: Upgraded and maintained a real-time radio/television station automation package. The package scheduled commercials, produced invoices and station logs using multiple keyed DBMS.

Accomplishments: Implemented extensive software testing beyond previous company levels to insure system reliability and reduce system problems in the field.

Product Specialist for Computer Systems, Sales Dept.

Responsibilities: Technical sales support for computer controlled instrumentation with real-time scientific applications and conducted software-training courses for customers and field engineers.

Accomplishments: Installation of PDP 11/03 to operate customer's existing instrument and demonstrated new software in a foreign country.

Result: Restored confidence in our technical capabilities and subsequently obtained over $1,000,000 in new orders. Actively participated in last ditch efforts to save sales of $400K. Conducted technical feasibility and cost studies intending to expand market share.

Programming Supervisor, Methods and Applications Dept.

Responsibilities: Supervisor of nine scientific programmers. Initiated cross training of personnel to insure adequate support levels.

Senior Programmer, Methods and Applications Dept.

Responsibilities: Prepared customized software and was primary support programmer for application software packages. Wrote technical reference manuals.

Accomplishments: Assumed responsibility of a critical and failing software package at customer's site. Corrected problems and satisfied customer's requirements resulting in additional sales of $120K.

1st Lt. MIS Officer

Responsibilities: Special Projects Officer to streamline various DP functions. Programming Officer supervising 15 Marines, Operations Officer supervising 45 Marines over three shifts.

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Strong academic and professional education in business administration emphasizing technology. Eager to pursue further professional education in issues related to my profession.

B.S. in Business Administration - Quantitative Methods (Combination of Computer Science, Statistics and Operations Research), California State University Northridge.

A+ Certification.
Encore UNIX Operations and System Administration, MPX Programmer, Systems Management.
Masscomp Unix, Systems Management.
Harris VOS Programmer, VOS Analyst.
Concurrent (Perkin-Elmer) Assembler and Advanced Assembler.
35 Units completed in applied science and math, CSUN.
Computer Sciences School, USMC.

REFERENCES: Available upon request.

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